Wenatchee Chiwawa Irrigation District Elections

CaptureWenatchee Chiwawa Irrigation District Commissioner Dick Fritz will keep
his spot for another three years, winning by two votes over challenger Bob
Jennings in the first contested election in 100 years or so.
The count, according to District Secretary Jan Hudson, was 280 to 278.
Ballots were mailed for 411 parcels within the Wenatchee Chiwawa
Irrigation District, each assigned a number of votes based on how many
acres in the parcel. Each parcel, up to 5 acres, received two votes, with
another two votes for each 5 acres over that, so some ballots counted as 2
votes, while others counted as 8 or 20, depending on how many acres in the
parcel. Of the 411 ballots mailed, 209 were returned. One of those was

The canvassing committee (Becky Payne, Tom Kay, Grahame Watson, Nevonne
McDaniels and District Secretary Jan Hudson) tallied the votes before the
Dec. 8 meeting, including a recount when the total was so close.
The results were announced during the meeting.
The other two commissioners are Byron Newell and Albin Moore.
In other district news:
• The tax rates for next year remain the same, $100 per parcel and $55 per
acre, with the per parcel amount going toward capital improvements.
The next meeting is the second Tuesday in February 2016.