DirtyFaceWith local winter sports on hold waiting for snow, we thought we would provide a few suggestions for New Years Day Walks.

#1:  Water Fall on Dirty Face
This trail is south facing so very little Ice and Snow.  Great views of the lake.  Trail Head is behind Ranger Station on St. Highway 207  a mile or so east of Brown Road + 207 Intersection.    We hiked beyond the waterfall to the old logging road section, +1500 feet from trail head with little snow.  Met a few others that had attempted the summit but had been turned back by deep snow.

#2  Nason Ridge Trail to Big Red

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1.75 miles up the Nason Ridge Trail is a very large Ponderosa Pine, know as Big Red.  The hike up the ridge provides great views of the Lake Wenatchee, Fishlake and Dirty Face.  This hike REQUIRES shoe traction devices at this time.  Yak Traks or Micro Spikes would be best  (available at Plain Hardware).  Nason Ridge Trail head is adjacent to the Kahler Glen Conference center.