Hello everyone!

Well, here we are, ready and waiting for snow.  I figured I should at least check in with you all.  I won’t call this a “Grooming Report”.

New this winter:
We now have a Yellowstone Track Systems Roller/Compactor for towing behind our snowmobile.  This device allows us to pack and finish trails when snow depth is insufficient for our snowcats.  Unfortunately we’re seeing these low snow conditions more often, so we are trying to adapt.  Packing early season snow helps develop a more durable base – stands up to warm / wet conditions better.  In the process the device “combs” the surface leaving a good quality, untracked path for skiers.  The roller only compacts what snow there is available in its path – it does not grade trail.  Tree wells, side-slopes, and low snow areas will not be addressed until we get enough snow for the snowcats.   With just a few inches of snow we should be able to provide an enjoyable ski experience.  Stay tuned!
We will be adding trail to the Kahler Glen Ski Resort area.  One major improvement the folks at Kahler are working on is the restoration of an old route from the Sno-Park there that avoids the road crossing and continues above Nason Creek – no need to take off your skis if you are coming up from the park trails!
Nason Ridge trails:  Volunteer Bill Miller once again spearheaded a massive brush clearing effort.  Aside from a small army of volunteers he organized a fund raiser (thank you to those of your who helped) to pay a local contractor to brush out the lower two miles of trail.  A full-sized excavator with a brushing head was used to clear high and deep . . . buying us several years of open skiing along this most brushy stretch.  Many thanks to Bill and everyone who chipped in.
Chiwawa See & Ski:  Over a year ago Volunteer Peter V. and William (Snowcat operator) scouted out and improved a new route that will allow us to bypass the most notorious stretch of river-side trail.  Though scenic, this area melts out early and often due to the southern exposure and relative warmth of the river.  We now can bypass that when necessary and extend the life of this trail.  We also have improved drainage at another troublesome spot about 1/2 mile in.  Finally, last year we allowed dogs on this trail after 3 p.m.  Though the season was brief, all comments were favorable and we heard of no conflicts . . .  so this year we are going to allow dogs from 12-noon on.  No dogs allowed before noon (failure to comply may result in a total ban again for pooches . . .  so please honor this restriction!).   Skaters – keep this trail in mind as a great option, when conditions are good.  When we have adequate snow and cold conditions this trail is a blast to skate – get there early!
Snowshoe Trails:  Volunteers Lloyd and Kathy Brodniak and Bob and Jerry Jennings have once again cleared and flagged about 10 miles of snowshoe trail routes in the South and North Park and Chiwawa SnoPark.  Lloyd and Kathy have been volunteering here for over 20 years!  Come and thank them in person at 10 a.m. on New Years Day as they lead a snowshoe trip (or hike).  They will spice up the walk with discussion of the historic uses of this area by Native Americans, forest ecology, and local geology.  Check it out at Lake Wenatchee Info.com:  https://lakewenatcheeinfo.com/  Here’s the direct link:   https://lakewenatcheeinfo.com/lake-wenatchee-state-park-first-day-hike/#more-24954

Get current snow/weather conditions at the park here:   Weather Station
Local forecast:  National Weather Service Point Forecast

Permits required:  Sno-Park permits will be required in all areas once we get enough snow to begin grooming:
A basic Season Sno-Park pass ($40) with Groomed Trails sticker ($40) will get you into all Sno-Parks statewide (for a total of $80).
The Daily Sno-Park pass ($20) also requires an Annual or Daily Discover Pass in the park (no Discover Pass needed at Nason or Chiwawa).
We now provide self-pay stations at each parking area within the park for daily Sno-Park and Discover Passes.
Sno-Park permits are available online: Buy a SnoPark Permit
Permit vendors around Lake Wenatchee:   Kahler Glen Resort, Midway Grocery, and Plain Hardware.  In Leavenworth:  Der Sportsman

You will begin receiving regular reports as soon as winter really arrives.  Let’s hope that is real soon.

Thanks for your support,

Rick & all the Lake Wenatchee Crew

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