Time to pick up your Sno Park Pass for XC Skiing at Lake Wenatchee State Park, See and Ski, Kathler Glen Golf Course and Nason Ridge.  Passes are available at the Midway and Plain Hardware  The groomers were out today.  The snow will be soft with the rain that is expected over the next few days, but historically XC skiing is good between Christmas and New Years.  Daily Grooming reports are available here.

The Team at Plain Hardware have most of their trails groomed for classic and skate skiing.  Daily or Season Passes are available at the Plain Hardware.  There is good snow on the Plain trails, open terrain and it is colder away from the lake.  Daily grooming reports for Plain Valley Ski Trails are here.

Plain Valley Ski Trails are a non-profit to support the youth of the Plain Valley Nordic Team (PVNT).  PVNT is a community supported year-round training program that seeks to have fun with friends while developing skiing skills, strength and conditioning. Our team culture supports the success of the team and our teammates by being inclusive and kind.