XC Grooming Plan

Ranger Rick sent over the following update on the plan for XC Skiing at Lake Wenatchee State Park, Kahler Glen and Nason Ridge.

I’d like to provide an overview of where we’re at at what has changed as we begin another season.

As I type, it is snowing lightly.  Looks great, but we are still a little short of the minimum snow depth and density we need for snowcat grooming.  With colder temperatures we’d go ahead, but the 12″ or so we have is very soft and we need to stay off it for now with these heavier machines.  The tracks will dig through on turns and under trees and pull up dirt.  We have used our snowmobile roller/packer on most all routes in the South and North Park, Kahler Glen, and Lower Nason.  Routes are ski-able, but not real uniform.  Weather permitting, we will clean these trails up and groom by next weekend.  This may be with the snowmobile groomer/tracker or snowcat.

Get current snow/weather conditions at the park here:   Weather Station

Local forecast:  National Weather Service Point Forecast

SnoPark permits will be required effective Friday, December 21.  A Discover Pass is required with one day Sno Park Permits within the state park.  Season passes are $80 (including required “Groomed Trails” sticker), and grant access to any SnoPark throughout the state.  No Discover Pass is required with the Seasonal Pass.

You may purchase day passes within the park upon arrival, or daily/seasonal passes, at the Midway Market or online:  https://fortress.wa.gov/parks/ecomm/prod/Store/SNO/SnoChoice.aspx

We are in a very good position for a successful season, as long as the snow cooperates!

  • Complete set of new tracks for our older Snowcat.  No one is happier than William and Adriana, our groomers who found themselves too often digging out and repairing the tracks last season.  We will all benefit from the greater reliability and consistency of grooming.
  • In addition to covering the very costly track replacement, the Winter Recreation Grant program approved an additional $8,000 for grooming funds this season.  This will provide adequate funding in the event of a longer than average season of full grooming.  This is your SnoPark permit funds going to work for us!
  • Best news?  After years effort and worry, Nason Ridge has been granted a reprieve from potential sale and development that could have been detrimental to the trail system up there.  Western Rivers.org purchased the land this fall, with a great deal of help from the Chelan Douglas Land Trust and many generous donations from citizens.  http://www.westernrivers.org/projectatlas/nason-ridge/   https://www.cdlandtrust.org/what-we-do/land-conservation/lake-wenatchee-area/nason-ridge
  • A productive and valuable partnership with Kahler Glen Golf and Ski resort continues.  They provide support for grooming operations, the land and snow removal for the Nason Ridge Sno Park, their own network of snowshoe trails, and a dedicated crew of trail brushing volunteers that keep Nason Ridge trails clear.  Not to mention great open terrain for ski trails on their property.
  • Dogs are now allowed on the Chiwawa Sno Park groomed ski trails after 10 a.m. each day (rather than 12 noon as in years past).  This is a result of the survey results from our users last winter.  There is a majority of support for allowing dogs on this ski trail system, but as we expected there are those who really value the opportunity to ski / skate this trail without dog concerns.  We have experienced good compliance with the time restrictions in the past, and little conflict.  Please feel free to continue providing input on this or any subject.
  • Last and not least, Kudos to our rarely seen crew of dedicated Snowshoe trail volunteers.  These folks, under the guidance of Lloyd Brodniak (30 years of volunteering to improve our winter recreation around the lake), have completely taken over the clearing, brushing, and marking of snowshoe trail routes in each of our areas.  We are extremely grateful for their efforts!

Any problems, concerns, suggestions?  Please email me at rick.halstead@parks.wa.gov.

If you are out on the trails and need help, or witness a safety issue or violations (ORV’s or Snowmobiles on trails), call us at 509 763 3101, 509 630 0038, or 509 630 8324.

Thanks as always for your support!

Rick Halstead

Park Manager

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Office:  (509) 763-3101

Cell:  (509) 630-0038